Nimal hits out at France following deadly attacks

nimal_siripala_b1Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) member and Government Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva today hit out at France following a deadly terrorist attack which claimed the lives of some 153 people.

Speaking at a public event in Ella, the Minister said that France, Britain, the US and Sweden put pressure on Sri Lanka when the former Sri Lankan Government was engaged in a war against the LTTE.

“They came to teach us about good governance and democracy. They claimed that since there is no reconciliation in Sri Lanka and since we are not addressing the issues of minorities there is terrorism in Sri Lanka. Now I ask if the attacks took place in France killing over 150 people since there was no reconciliation? Terrorism is not like that. It goes way beyond that,” he said.

He said that the very countries who attempted to give advice to Sri Lanka are now compelled to have a rethink about what they said.

During the final stages of the war several western countries accused Sri Lanka of committing human rights abuses and urged the Government to suspend the operations launched against the LTTE.

Nimal Siripala de Silva said that terrorism is spreading around the world but Sri Lanka was able to defeat terrorism.

“Countries like France, the US and UK could not defeat terrorism. These countries must place flowers and worship Sri Lanka. They must learn lessons from us,” he said.

He said that even the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has now got an opportunity to learn about terrorism once again and take a different stand on the issue.

The Minister said that the time has come for the UNHRC to understand that the Sri Lankan military took efforts to defeat a brutal terrorist outfit.

He also accused Europe of arming terrorist groups in the Middle East to overthrow legitimate Governments.

Nimal Siripala de Silva said that the conflict in the Middle East has resulted in a mass exodus of refugees who are flowing into Europe becoming a headache to Europe. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why shall we hold a referendum to get Tamils view for separatism who came to Sri Lanka as invaders, plunderers, smugglers and labourers to work in Tea Estates. If they do not like they can leave the country and go back to where they have come from. Sri Lanka civilisation starts at the same time as Mohendojaro/Harappa civilisation. so, Sri Lanka was not habitated by people coming from other countries. Only people came from other countries are asking for sepearate state, which is only a dream, pls note when Sri Lanka defeated LTTE, We have defeated separate state concept. Homeland everything with the annihilation of LTTE. iF SOMEBODY WANTS TO START PLS DO THAT AND FATE WILL BE AS SAME AS LTTE.

    • Mr Nimal Tissa Wijetunga, Please don’t exhibit your ignorance of the History your own county. The ancient Sri Lanka, was Illanka. Remember, Illangakone, Illangaratne, Illangathillaka, Illanganayake ??
      Even Mahawanse refers to the Tamils (Nargas) been here in the north and the coastal regions, up to Katharagamam, long before the advent of Prince Vijaya. ‘Katharan’ is another name for Lord Kathirgarmar. No relation to Luxman Kathirgarmar.
      Elara’s and his Army’s descendants are still among us in Anuradapura as Thung-Sinhala Buddhists.
      Elara, the longest serving king (44 yrs.) of the Shinhala Rajarata or Anuradapura was the most Just King & the Custodian of the Buddha Dhumma; the Sinhalese ever had.
      Please find out how Gemunu became Dutugemunu. His parents named him Gemunu but the Sinhala Buddhists called him Dutugemunu. Please find out Why? Thanks!
      The last 3 Kings, Queens, royal households and the Nilamays, were all from the Nayaka Dynasty of Vellur, South India. Now, their decedents are upper Class Kandyan Sinhala Buddhists of the Present Sri Lanka.
      Our legent goes that it was a Hindu Priest who directed Sangamitha to Anuradhapura when she landed in Nargadheepa; to prove that there were Hidus in the north of Illanka when Sangamitha landed in Jaffna.
      We have a lot in common & are interwoven with the South Indian Tamils rather than the Eelam Tamils.
      Though the Eelam Tamils have been here since pre-historic times, they were nomadic and tribal. They had their first kingdom only in the 9th century AD till the Dutch in the 16th century. Eelam Tamils didn’t wage wars with us as they were very small in number and hence, were week.
      It was the British who unified the kingdoms of Nallur, Vanni, Kandy and Kote into one country “Ceylon” in 1815. In 1948 the British gave the whole country on a plate to us, the Majority, to rule the minority or the Whole of Ceylon.
      In 1952, we started re-writing the history of Ceylon in the School Text Books as we wanted, or the way you were taught in school. There had been two further revisions to our History text books where my children are taught that 3 Buddha’s have visited Sri Lanka (was known as Illanka then) and anointed Sri Lanka as a Dhumma Bumi which is Absolute Rubbish.
      Hence you are a Product or a Victim of Sinhalisation of our dear Island Illanka or Sri Lanka (?) since 1978.
      Hats Off to Dr Paranawithana who Invented our History for 2,500 years. Thanks ‘Para’ !

  2. None of these people like Obama, Cameron, Ban Ki Moon and others paid any attention when thousands of Sri Lankans were murdered in cold blood by the ruthless LTTE. Kouchner of France even went all the way to support the terrorists and call on Sri Lanka to end the war. Now the same people claim the killings in France as an”Act of war”
    What hideous hypocrites these leaders of the West are can easily be evidenced from the way they react to events around the world.
    Retribution always shows up when least expected.

  3. “Countries like France, the US and UK could not defeat terrorism. These countries must place flowers and worship Sri Lanka. They must learn lessons from us,” – Nimal Siripala de Silva.

    This is a foolish statement. Nimal Siripala de Silva can’t comprehend the Westerners who have been ruling the world for the last 700 years. What a foolish statement “the rulers of the world must place flowers and worship Sri Lanka. You have been fighting the longest civil war in Asia since the independence; how can you are ask the world powers to worship you. Clearly, it shows your foolishness. Most of the Sri Lankan politician do favor to their people and country when they say nothing at all, because they won’t show off their foolishness.

    The West doesn’t want to defeat terrorism. If it does, it can’t continue to divide and rule others or achieve its interests around the world. The French government may have allowed this to happen to close the border to stop the refugees. This way they can continue to talk about democracy, even though they don’t help the refugees. Terrorism helps the West to achieve the Western interests; 9/11 is the perfect example. The US spends more money on spying than the rest of the world combined. Are you telling me that the world’s superpower hasn’t had a clue about the fools who hide in Afghan caves? The US fighter jet interceptor airborne after the tower was attacked, even though they knew 14 minutes earlier passenger flights have been hijacked. The US fighter jets took off within few minutes during the Second World War to reach Europe. Why it took so long to airborne in the 21st century? The first fighter jet interceptor’s response was “negative.” Of course it has to be negative, because the fighter jet interceptor left the base after the flight has attacked the tower. Notably, the US fighter jet interceptor redirected to the base even though the other passenger flights were hijacked. Why they have failed intercept the other hijacked flights? Why they have failed to think that the other passenger flights also can be used to attack the other tower or other buildings? Are you telling me that the world’s superpower can’t think quickly? It was enough ample time to stop the second attack, but the US didn’t. It is very clear that the US allowed it to happen in order to achieve the Western interests in the Middle East.

  4. This is a good lesson for any country that supports Americans blindly. The US created ISIS and they just pretended they are attacking them. They only attacked Syrian forces to remove Assad. If the “so called” free world is against terrorist, they should go after the biggest war criminals namely Bush and Blair.

  5. Tamils are accussing your government was discriminating and killed many Tamils. If you want, you can have referrundum among Tamils whether they like to separate or united Sri Lanka. You know what will be the result.

  6. West always oppose democratic dictatorship and lawlessness and extrajudicial killings. Previous government behaved like dictator. you were also part of that government. There were many disappearances of Tamils and Singhaleses, and extra judicial killings. Everything happened during the previous government. France is not facing any war crimes where Sri Lanka is facing war crimes accussations.

    • Tamils accuse anyone if they do not get their way. Do they accuse India for not making Tamil official language in Tamil Nadu? That is why Tamils are hated in Uganda, Kenya, Fiji and Malaysia. They are a selfish lot.

  7. The Minister has taken it completely out of context. It is such a shameful thing even to utter something like this at a time of an international crisis when the threat of ISIS looms over the entire world. Doesn’t he know the difference between home grown terrorism and international terrorist? Even to make such a remark and gloat over our achievements at a time like this when innocent civilians are being murdered in the name of religion should be condemned in the strongest possible language. You are a disgrace to our country.

    • International or home grown, terrorist are murderers. Trying to save them is a crime. Do you think white lives are more valuable than others? Only terrorist supporters think otherwise.

  8. This the problem with the western thinking. They have to soon accept the truth. we all aware in deep down this is terrorisum and control of terrisum causes normal civilian casulties. Terrisum started with middle east with help of america . groups that USA SUPPORTED get rid of Sadam Hussain, Gadafi, Now Bshar Alsad and Mahinda Rajapaksa, are turning their backs against America.

  9. Mr. De Silva is right in expressing his frank opinion. The western countries never understood or appreciated the difficulties faced by smaller countries like Sri Lanka when they had to fight terror. Violent death anywhere in the
    World is deplorable. Every country has to respect the right of a legitimate government to exterminate terrorism within the parameters of justice and human rights.

  10. All what the high ups should do is diplomacy. Our politicians do not understand the meaning of diplomacy.
    At a time like this show your solidarity. You may express SL’s past experience for them to learn a lesson in a civilized way.United we stand divided we fall

  11. Our transport system is in a terrible mess and this idiot has no clue on how to fix it and now what does he do ? he goes out of his portfolio and makes a dumbass comment like this in a time of tragedy . Is this the type of morons we have in parliament ? and in cabinet ?

  12. Terrorism is terrorism. Society as a whole must condemn terrorism in whatever form it takes, as it targets innocent people, who are not in uniform and the terrorists are unseen till the event. NS DeS is correct.Blood-shed is terrible and my heart goes to the French people. However, they along with all other Western nations NEVER condemned LTTE terrorism when several thousand Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims were slaughtered. Terrorism when it happened should be condemned, and if we do not, it comes back to haunt us. There is a saying, “Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind”.

  13. West said ending the LTTE is fine but human rights validations are wrong. This idiot don’t understand their point of view. Anyhow, at this point and time it is unnesasry statement or coment. Incompetent idiot.

    • Did the Americans and the Brits give a damn about when they invaded Iraq and just bomb civilians. Do they think only the whites are human and others do not have human rights? Do they think the LTTE scum are humans? Shame on you NAMS to suck up to those white scum.

  14. we gotta put “Massu Ran” to the Nimal’s mouth. they deserve it although innocent civil people’s lives. they were feeding these terrorists for long time, terrorist came as closest as French President were.

  15. What a complete moron! A bankrupt politico talking BS in the face of a crime against a nation. This braindead squarehead is trying to gain milage from a terroristic strike – a shame for Sri Lanka!

  16. Definitely not a time to make such callous remarks when a nation is grieving so much,
    We are not revenge seekers over the indifference of the countries mentioned and the related issue of our own terror conflict and must show compassion first.
    In the same token all kudos to our own brave leader who resolved our own terrorist issue.

  17. You idiot this is exactly the mentality that we are trying to get out of . Man with a track record like you should not be allowed to to make any statements , let alone be a public figure. Enough damage was done during the last 5 years with fruitcakes like you! Show some decency, and respect and if you are still living in the same bubble ask the PM and he will teach how it is done !

  18. we gotta put “Massu Ran” to Nimal’s mouth. they deserve it although innocent civil people lives, they were feeding these terrorist organizations for so long & until terrorist came as closes as french president were.

  19. Hi is an Idiot during a time like this they should give support and encouragement to that people, rather than act being displaying your idiocy. What else he can to he has sits on his brain and uses his ass to think.

    • What ni mal siripala said is very true.
      When Tamil terrorist killed innocent civilians they harbour them and financed them.what uropeans countries did to srilanka this is curse following

    • The Minister is right for taking this unfortunate opportunity to not only condemn terrorism but to identify the root cause for the unfortunate happenings in the Western nations, which is mainly due to shallow political decisions taken by the leaders of those nations. Thankfully the French President has now given an undertaking to wipe out terrorists in France and give no respite or show mercy to one track minded terrorists, trying to carve out a new state for extremists. Because of similar respite and mercy given to Tamil Tigers terrorists, Sri Lanka suffered for three decades and was finally courageous enough to ignore the blocks the West tried to impose, when Sri Lanka decided to do what the French President has now realised as the only solution to protect innocent civilians. The massacre in the French concert hall by ISIL separatists is no different to the Massacre of Buddhist pilgrims meditating under Sri Mahabodhi or the Muslims praying in a mosque in the East as well as the countless other suicide and truck bombings carried out by Tiger separatists.

    • What he says is right….it may be not the right moment to hit hard with words…but people with common sense will realize the facts…

    • calling a spade a spade is not a bad idea.
      while we offer our sympathies to those families affcted by these brutal murderers one must also point out the failures and the wrong policies of this country.
      By the way why is that prince (UNHCR) so silent and has nopt condemned the human rights abuse of the 150+ dead in France neither do we hear a peek from that pillai woman.

    • Unlike people like you who will like any white backside, Nimal has the courage to tell the truth. Those white bullies did not help us when we were in trouble, but did their best to help the terrorist.

    • Can’t compare the terrorist organization which attaked SL And France, LTTE was less powerful in term of financial issue, 60 countries are attaking ISIS, whereas only the Sri Lankan government defended themselves against LTTE
      So please think twice before saying nosease !!!!

  20. Well done. They have to open their eyes and encourage to fight against terrorism in anywhere in the world. They should learn a lesson from Sri Lanka instead of blaming Sri Lankan authorities for Human Right violations.

  21. The terrorism we experienced here is entirely different when compared with what happened in France. Mr de Silva is very famous for cheap propaganda. Very often he does not talk sense.

    • If the definition of Terrorism is arbitrary killing / maiming of innocent civilians irrespective of the cause behind these acts, then, there is absolutely no difference between the terrorism of ISIS and that of the LTTE. An underlying cause – no matter how legitimate it may be – can in no way translate to harming civilians.

  22. Mr Nimal Siripala De Silva has spoken out the truth. The Western Governments and Human Rights groups along with the U N have been unjustly accused SRI Lanka of various atrocities.
    The Western Countries walk hand in hand with terrorists in other countries, when the terrorists are at their doorstep then they complain and remind the world how bad terrorism is.
    Wake up, Western world and admit that your way of dealing with the emerging countries very nasty.

  23. Thanks ! Well said. Combat terror is not a easy game.
    Sri lanka is one and only country, which wiped out terror
    from the roots.

  24. With a lot of difficulty I have to admit for once I agree with him. Its very true what he says. These western countries are so guilty of their past that they are bending over backwards to accommodate these people, thereby creating a monster.

    • Are you serious ???? Do you really think it’s the time to compare political issues which happened years back, as a Sri Lankan living in France, I’m really ashamed of your reactions ! None of the countries in the world had reacted in that sens !

  25. Sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is he talking about????? all countries around the world are supporting France, but the only country behaving like that seems to be Sri Lanka !!!!, I just can’t understand !!!!!!

    • Rem you are an idiot, do you remember Burnard Bernard Kouchner (French) Milaband came to SL at the last days of war and wanted to Holt the war an negotiate Bernard kouchner was the French foreign minister. They have to taste the reality of terror to understand it. What De silva says here is right even he is with the traitors talking the truth now.

    • oi are you stupid or what. while sri lanka supports France in their dark hour. this guy is also calling a spade a spade by highlighting their short comings. though one must agree that france is tough when it comes to many matters unlike some other pansy countries in the EU like the UK who seem to pander to these terrorists citing human rights and all that POO.

  26. Mr de Silva, with all due respect, keep this in context.
    We fought home grown terrorists and defeated them with the help of the US, UK, the EU, Pakistan, India and China. They supported us all the way and there are still LTTE fund raisers languishing in prisons in Canada, US and in Europe. Yet we have not said Thank You to any of these countries.
    The final assault on defenseless Sri Lankan civilians by conquering Sri Lankan armed forces was a trap set by LTTE and we fell for it. This was what the West being NOT happy about.
    What happened in Paris is ISIS carried out the attack.
    Hence it is not correct nor the right time to criticise or boast about our past.
    You are an educated person experienced in international affairs; would you please withdraw your silly comparison and apologise to the French who helped us to defeat the LTTE.

    • Your analysis is wrong Mr Ellison. Here the issues are similar. ISIL wants to carve out a mono-religious Muslim state in the middle east and the Tamil Tigers want, even today, to carve out a mono-ethnic Tamil state in Sri Lanka. Whilst China and Pakistan did help Sri Lanka to defeat terrorists, the other nations gave protection to those that escaped to their countries, and disappeared under new identities. These countries except USA, failed miserably to stop LTTE fund raising, flag raising, fabricated films etc They wrongly refer to brutal LTTE terrorists as rebels, whilst quite rightly named ISIL as terrorists. As for India, we all know the role they played. So whom should Sri Lanka be thankful to?

    • Ellison,
      You can’t pin the government on the basis of final assault. Government forces gave more than 48 hours for the terrorists to release the civilians. When they tried to escape they shot them. It’s on satellite photos. Instead of bombing and finishing off galant soldiers went ahead and saved much As they could there by hundreds of soldiers being killed and injured. True white flag issue could be investigated separately. There is less than twenty dead on that incident.

  27. Will monkey moon get USA to withdraw the Resolution against Sri lanka and if not will france vote in favour of the resolution next time?

    Retribution… Paris here they come…..

  28. Helo Sir,
    ISIS hit France not for reconciliation they did for revenge of air strikes.But you guys never address the minority issues as they were told. I think you do not remember July 1958, 1977 and 1983 how do you justify those events sir.Do not try to hide things please.


  30. What a moron. Rather than expressing condolences this bankrupt politician who worshipped the former dictator Rajapaksa is trying to score political points. Shame on you. You are not just physically a midget but you also have a shrunken brain

    • Please make a positive contribution. This type of abuse is used when one has nothing to say in defence.
      The Minister is only blaming the policies of western leadership that may have led to this act of mindless terrorism, which Sri Lanka had to experience for decades.

  31. You dummy and stooge of pakse clan ,do not understand the difference between Planned GENOCIDE and marginalizing Eelam Tamils by sinhala elites since 1948.
    Tamils fighting for their well deserved rights, initially by peaceful means and armed resistance cannot be compared to the mass murders by fanatic jihadists in Paris and elsewhere.

    • the Tamils are doing all right in sri lanka especially in colombo living in high citadels. the armed ones the LTTE were butchers and murderers . perhaps you have the same mindset. if you do i hope you suffer the same fate as the chief butcher Prabakaran thew dead one who thought he was invincible.

  32. terrrorists use their weapons. only the war you can stop terrorism is to have a contoll of weapons produced by so called developed countries like USA, UK, France and etc.

  33. your are very right , all these are big advises countries but they don’t know what to do when terroist attack comes.

  34. Well said Mr Silva. They demanded that the SL Govt must stop the war and allow the senior LTTE members to leave the country unharmed. MR didn’t bow down to their demands therefore we are a free nation today thanks to the brave leadership we had.

  35. The Minister’s statement is the bitter truth.
    Having lived in SL during the 30 year LTTE terrorism, we freedom loving Sri Lankans went through these dark events, with little outrage and solidarity from US, Canada and Britain etc., the so-called free world.

    • Mr Mola, the Governments changed just before the latest UNHRC (not UN) resolution, and the present leadership surrendered to Western pressure, whereas the former leadership would have challenged the unsubstantiated allegations in the resolution.

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