Tamil political prisoners taken back to prison

jailThe 31 Tamil political prisoners who were granted bail by the Colombo Magistrate today were taken back to prison as there was no one to give them bail.

All 31 prisoners arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) had been granted bail after the Attorney General’s Department produced the required documents to Court.

However since no one appeared to post bail on behalf of the 31 suspects they were taken back to the Welikada prison and remanded.

The suspects arrested under the PTA were brought to the court this morning but at that time the court had not received the documents from the AG to free the inmates on bail.

However several hours later the 31 prisoners were brought to court again and produced before the Magistrate and granted bail as the required documents were later received.

But with no one to post bail the 31 political prisoners were taken back to prison. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The toothless gutless and clueless government of MS/RW playing revolving door game with Tamil lives.
    The civilized International community is watching the foot dragging actions of the sinking lankan govt.
    The combined result of all these inaction will lead to birth of Tamil Eelam.

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