President urges the media to write the truth

Maithripala SirisenaPresident Maithripala Sirisena says when the new Government is working with the media ending the era of disappearances, white vans abductions and interference of any kind, the responsibility of the media is not to isolate the Government politically .

He made these observations participating at the 60th Anniversary of the Sri Lanka Press Association held at the BMICH today.

When the Government ensures the freedom of the press the duty of a journalist is to write the truth without giving any space to achieve narrow objectives of some extremist elements, the President further said.

The President emphasized that the new Government is fully committed to ensure media freedom and freedom of this country. He further said that the new Government had ended the era of telephoning editors to put headlines in some newspapers.

President Sirisena recalled that as a Minister he also faced unpleasant , unethical experiences where he worked with political leaders who gave telephone calls to editors asking them to write against their own Ministers in the Cabinet.

The President said that he noted last week one English newspapers had published an article which contained fabricated facts on his recent visit to New York to attend the UN General Assembly. He further said that even though criticism and dialogue is important for good governance, it is necessary to ensure professional standards of the media and its ethics is maintained.

The President also thanked the journalists and media institutions for acting prudently when some extremist elements trying to diminish the victory of the government at the UNHRC.


  1. Sir don’t blame any one, it’s you who gives ammunition to media to fire at you.Its sad to see your credibility is fast declining day by day.First you said you will not appoint any person connected to drugs as candidates at last election, then you appointed a man who is accused of dealing with drugs to wattala seat.Then you took your son to Geneva and allow your daughter go around with government servants attending to political work.If you don’t stop this the day is not far that people will refuse as they did with MR.

  2. ” when some extremist elements trying to diminish the victory of the government at the UNHRC.”

    One sure culprit is Colombo Telegraph with its extreme left thinking union that has seduced the bad logic English The Guardian. C.T is a very nasty blog almost organised crime. Some think much like google they sell personal data for their upkeep to lobbyist.
    9 of its 10 are character assassination attempts using blog as cover. At the UNHCR the father taking the son around was nothing to make a fuss which they did with venom like the present day terrorist creating psychological warfare. There is no point in requesting them as F.M. Mangala would have observed but to tactically prosecute them in the UK and it is the best time.
    Any government needs peace not character assassination like Mad Murdoch does destroying PM’s and Presidents.

    • Mr Smith you must have taken this diatribe from the book of Rajapaksa. In fact you copied and paste most of this from Rajapaksa narrative. just in case you missed the point So called Mad Murdock is light years away from any thing to the left. You are only defending the undependable same as Rajapaksa supporters did in his time and even now.

      • Stupid dalit,
        Gas gembo in ambude, why, has it pricked your ego?
        Even in the west leaders do what they are permitted within the rules. He did not ask his son to take the throne or represent.

      • How can you say media is doing a professional job, when they publish mad len’s comments. One day he backs MR following day he write against MR. His comments are based on which side of the bed he gets up.

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