New video seeks to add pressure on Lanka at UN

No Fire Zone Director Callum Macrae
No Fire Zone Director Callum Macrae

The team behind the controversial Emmy-nominated feature documentary No Fire Zone – credited with playing a key role in convincing the international community to take action over the Sri Lankan massacres of 2009, in which tens of thousands of Tamil civilians died – have today launched a new short film, Sri Lanka: The Search For Justice.

The hard-hitting half-hour long video coincides with the long anticipated publication of the international war crimes investigation into the massacres, ordered by the United Nations Human Rights Council 18 months ago in Geneva. It will be made live to an international public today – initially in English and Spanish, with translations in Tamil, Sinhala, French and Hindi to follow online in the next few days.

Under the campaign slogan, #LetThemBeHeard, the new film – containing graphic video evidence of the war crimes and massacres – is addressed to members of the Human Rights Council. It calls on the international community to listen to the voices of the Tamil victims who are calling for an international accountability process to ensure truth and justice. A resolution calling for such a process was recently passed unanimously by the Northern Provincial Council – the regional assembly in the former war zone. It has been echoed by Tamil civil society groups, by public demonstrations and a public signature campaign, which is gaining considerable support despite reports of harassment by security forces.

Sri Lanka: The Search For Justice is currently being taken on an international preview tour through five Latin American countries – Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Mexico – by No Fire Zone director Callum Macrae. He will then travel to the United States to screen the film and meet with politicians, government officials and human rights activists in both New York and Washington. From there he will take the film to Geneva, where it will be screened in the Palais de Nation, the Human Rights Council’s headquarters.

Last month the United States Government caused alarm among Tamil groups and human rights activists alike when it announced that it will seek to present a consensus resolution on Sri Lanka to this month’s Human Rights Council jointly with the Government of Sri Lanka. However the Government of Sri Lanka’s refusal to accept anything other than a domestic inquiry has led to fears that the Council itself might be asked to endorse a domestic process (with some technical assistance from the UN). Such a proposal would run directly counter to the wishes of the victims. (Colombo Gazette)

Sri Lanka: The Search for Justice (English) from NoFireZone on Vimeo.


  1. Sure this domestic investigation will be a whitewash to save the “Patriotic” Citizens. Unfortunately the sad story of impunity will continue and Sri Lanka will perish in this ill conceived glory and eternally mired into this abyss “cycle of violence”.

  2. Another dog and pony show from Callum to string along butthurt LTTE Tamils. LOL. Does anyone remember the fanfare when he came out with his first propaganda film? And now he’s been reduced to touring literal banana republics and lawless, cartel ruled basket cases. How far the mighty have fallen 🙂

  3. Dont do bullshit man. SL govt didnt massacare inocent tamil people but was fighting against LTTE. It was them who murdered innocent civillians for three decades.
    Do something sensible.

  4. Macrae is at it again. What crock this man is. Tell why he is taking his story telling around South American, before the US and Europe. Is this the only crowd he is assured not to boo him out, or is this where all the LTTE cadres he is singing to have gone in hiding, following the tradition of the Nazis. There is not a thread of evidence this man has ever shown on film that will stand up in court. We all want justice served, but it can only be served when evidence admissible in court can be produced. I think the US realizes this, and for them their mission is already accomplished with MR out of office. Justice has been partially served already, the biggest detriment to the Tamils in Sri Lanka was killed in the war along with his cadres. Prabakharan is dead and Tamils can now rest peacefully without having their children kidnapped, the innocent civilian in Colombo can be sure his family members will return home safely at the end of the day.

    • Hollier the Lier, you need to go to a mental hospital, don’t know how they let you out. You are hiding on a white name but good in tamil names specially Prabakharan.

  5. How ever hard one try to hide the Truth it will be short lived. It is better to face the Truth it does not matter how hard it may be now. It was difficult for any country which had bend the rules to face up to the reality of the truth. With out Truth and Justice True Peace and reconciliation will be impossible to achieve. For those who are watching the Sri Lankan situation from out side know there were no credible out come in the past history for this type of issues as people are some how connected to the situation one way or other.

  6. If the present government thought that it could whitewash the atrocities of the Rajapaksas during the war by getting close to the West it is mistaken. The UNHRC report is likely to be devastating to the Rajapaksas and the military they commanded. Macrae is fully aware of what the present SL government leaders are cooking with the US government and has come out with a timely expose of the wartime atrocities perpetrated by the SL regime. War criminals will be labelled and all must ensure they are punished.

  7. Macrae is hell bent on delivering
    goods for what he is paid for. Can understand that. Why were the civilians taken as human shields ? Of course because they were terrorists who did not care. Many civilians were rescued. Many were shot by the terrorists. Some died in the cross fire. What do you expect in war?

    • Well said… This macrae is looking after his own interests: terror money from the diaspora, and his craving to create a “history making video”….. This loser will learn soon that most of the channel4 videos’ “atrocities” were actually created by terrorists donning army uniforms, for terror propaganda…

  8. Although I welcome the current presentation by Mr. Callum Macrae through a video with the title “Let them be heard” of the massacre that took place in the vanni during the year2009, as far as America changes its attitude towards Sri Lanka and other outside Nations, there will be anarchy, and destabilisation; there won’t be any justice done to the victims of the War. Sri Lankan government forces committed the crime and the Sri Lankan government is allowed to investigate the crimes. Where is Justice??

  9. Mr. Naveen Pragnaratna, Please learn your history, not what was dished out during the last 50 years.
    Tamils were in the North and East before Vijebahu arrived in Lanka and married the Vadtha Queen, queen Kuvani and started the Singhalese language.
    Sure, history is written by the winners, so will the long arm of Justice eventually bend towards justice.
    Shooting or insulting the messenger is not very productive either.

    • Rajah, Do not try to mislead by writing a false history, It is true fisherman from Tamil Nadu visited north to dry their nets for long time.

      Tamils in Sri Lanka is prepared to reconcile with Singales in Sri Lanka but people like you and diasphora merchants who became rich becouse of war still funds channel 4 to make these 3rd rate videos.

    • Is there any form of credible evidence to prove that there were Tamils in north and east before King Vijaya came to Sri Lanka.
      This is how all these stories are created by merely posting comments without evidence. No need of written history get the examples from archaeological findings. You will find what is right but you don’t want to accept the truth.

  10. Dear Mr.Callum Macare.

    Why don’t you make a movie for Gulf War Final stage too, when innocent civilians been wiped out by American troops ” The Road to Hell” the road they used to go back to Iraq from Kuwait. They totally killed escaping civilian. Why you afraid of powerful Americans? You choose poor Srilankan who fight to defend their God given Motherland from Tamil Terrorists. Don’t you know that there is a four to five times big country in India, with 70 millions of Tamils, call Tamil Nadu? There are just 26 Miles from Srilanka through the palk straight? You go around and trying to misslead the world like Tamils are only in Srilanka, your forefathers brought Tamils to our country, to plant Tea, Coffee, and Tobacco. Why don’t you take them to your country? If you so sympathetic to them. Please leave us alone we Singhlese know how to defend our God given Motherland. Don’t make your live hood through over innocent Singhlese. Who own that beautiful God given Motherland. Shme on you and your crocked click. We humbly pray to Almighty God to Fogive you for the crime you committed against poor Singhlese.

    • Well said… This macrae is looking after his own interests: terror money from the diaspora, and his craving to create a “history making video”….. This loser will learn soon that most of the channel4 videos’ “atrocities” were actually created by terrorists donning army uniforms, for terror propaganda…

  11. Oh! Mr C Macrae, it is you again! You are out yet again with the same bucket of mud, with a bigger brush! You leave bloody footsteps behind,, of your masters astonishing blunders in the middle-east and Central Africa. Dont you feel ashamed! being a Britisher probably not!! Your narations are hypothetical and stale! The Americans have lost valuve in them. You are balancing on a thin wire with your bucket of lies precariosly held on your head, Shame on you!!!

    • Macrae is following the bloody footsteps left by the barbaric sinhala military that butchered the tamil civilians. Three cheers to Macrae

      • People do not like peace in a country make these type of bullshits. Sri Lanka is having peace after war. No civilian is dying now. But hopes of separatists or Terrorists have been shattered. That is why like Piranha is angry.

    • Well said… This macrae is looking after his own interests: terror money from the diaspora, and his craving to create a “history making video”….. This loser will learn soon that most of the channel4 videos’ “atrocities” were actually created by terrorists donning army uniforms, for terror propaganda…

  12. When Truth and justice cannot come from inside it will come from outside. GOSL was and is incapable of truth and justice. GOSL tries to pursuade the other countries with falsehood and lies instead of revealing the truth inside. GOSL needs a stick and not carrot..

    • I watched this mud slinging video which is half truth. Not a single LTTE solder in Uniform to be seen in the No fire zone. But International Red Cross itself declared that management and food distribution in that area was handled by LTTE.

  13. Why on earth is the UN still on a witch hunt against us ?? Why not go after the war mongering US for all the wars they are starting ?? Look at the crisis in Syria and France just announced it will attack Syria too, then what about the civilians still on the ground ?? What about the Arab nations ignoring the plight of Syria ?? Stupid stupid UN and US!! Sri Lanka ended a war!! We are fine now.. War is a dirty game and people die… But we ended terrorism unlike the UN and US that gives rise to terrorism !!

    • The hunt willcontinue until the mass murderers are identified and convicted. Don’t worry about the Us or UK, just worry about your own war criminals getting away with their heinous crimes.

      • Piranha you are realy the limit, thank god you are not around to derail the negotiations going on for communal harmony in Sri Lanka. Dont worry about Mcrae he has nothing else to peddle so he will go on whipping a dead horse

    • Just because US and UN not following the law, does not give right for Sri Lanka to ignore the law as well. Yes Sri Lanka ended a war which was started due to the very Nation ignoring the minorities rights and well being. Should I remind you the Riots carried out against the minorities in 1977 & 1983, when the government stood by and watched instead of protecting the minorities. Innocent women and children died when government just stood there and watched all the thugs fire bombed the minorities assets, houses and chopped innocent civilians to death.

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