Five member TNA delegation to head to Geneva

Sivajilingam-01A delegation from the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is expected to leave for Geneva this month to hold discussions with UN Human Rights officials and the international community to gather their support for an international war crimes probe, reports said today.

The visit will take place ahead of the release of the report on Sri Lanka by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights during the 30th session of the UNHRC in Geneva.

The report is expected to be critical towards the LTTE and the former Government who have been accused of widespread human rights violations in the final stages of the war between the military and the LTTE.

“Before the report is submitted, we will be holding discussions with members from the international community and the UN Human Rights office to make our stand clear. We reject any domestic investigation and want war crimes probed by an independent foreign team,” TNA Northern Provincial Council member M.K. Shivajilingam said.

The five member TNA delegation will be travelling to Geneva independently and will not be a part of a Government delegation which will also be attending the Council sessions, Shivajilingam added.

The UN estimated that at least 40,000 Tamil civilians had been killed in the final months of the battle by both government and rebel shelling and had earlier called for an international independent probe.

Last week the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) passed a resolution refusing to back a domestic investigation into the war crimes. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Now TNA has four faces. One the face of opposition in parliament, another as supporting Party with the Government. Another instigating the NPC on its behalf to raise the issue of International probe. Fourth is to dubiously act like a Party safeguarding the interest of Tamils while enjoying the perks given to a Leader of the opposition. The last openly displays its duality of being part of the government as well as the opposition. Finally at the end of the five years Tamils will be back to square one, perhaps in a much more worse situation.

  2. The TNA better grow up. You need to accommodate the change in government and allow a local mechanism to be put in place by a new Government to inquire and await its findings. There is credibility in the new administration and you need to grant that benefit of the doubt to them first. Your old baila of international inquiry will now not be bought by any of the western powers whose foreign policy pretty much jives to the dictates of the US. You are wasting your resources trying to woo the UNHCR. May be try China now – they may uphold your cause!!! It is now time to change – all things are new. Don’t forget what your despot judge overnight turned politico and Chief Minister was cautioned when he went to the USA recently.

    You guys are a disgrace to the Tamil majority who want to co exist with the rest of the country. You have in your clique remnants of the megalomaniac’s despots. Thankfully the voters of the North booted out one of them and you are still propping others? For what?

    Ask Father S J Emmanuel of GTF, your biggest diaspora supporter, what he wrote to one of his brother priests in Jaffna who is also supposed to be the Bishop in waiting for Jaffna upon his being advised of a Unity Vigil held at Madhu Shrine on the 30th of May. . You are mere humans who cannot work against what God has willed for this beloved country. So subdue your egos and think “one country – one voice” – we are ALL Sri Lankans – not Tamil, Muslim, Burger or Sinhalese or whatever. His Holiness the Pope requested – “forgive and forget” to the people of the North. It applies to all of us.

    So Mr Sampanthan – please vacate trying to placate the ginger groups in your coalition – take a stand and move for the benefit of the entire nation – sorry to say biologically speaking – you haven’t much time. Sri Lanka has not had any statesman for the last 50 or more years. You have a golden opportunity to enter that realm for the greater good. Look at Singapore – it is not too far to emulate.

    • Well said, Nic.

      Sri Lanka has an opportunity to prove that it did not commit war crimes and crimes against humanity during the entire three decades long war, let alone in the latter part. On the contrary it was India, the UK, the US, the EU, NATO nations and Norway and Switzerland that did them using the LTTE terrorist as their enforcer during the entire three decadeswar. Sri Lanka fought back only in self-defence. UN estimate of over 40,000 killed in the latter part of the war is a figment of the Tamil diaspora’s imagination.

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