Karuna denies helping the army defeat the LTTE

karuna 2_CIFormer LTTE eastern commander Vinayagamurthi Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman has denied claims that he helped the army defeat the LTTE.

In an interview with a Tamil television station, Karuna Amman said that the LTTE became weak after he defected from the outfit with several other LTTE members.

However he insisted that he was never directly involved with the army in the war to defeat the LTTE.

“There was no need for me to tell the army where the LTTE had camps. Technology was so good that the army could easily find where the LTTE had their bases,” he said.

He said that when he was the eastern commander of the LTTE he helped LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabakaran defeat the army on several occasions.

Karuna Amman says he left the LTTE after Prabakaran refused to shift from his stand for a separate state during peace talks.

Amman, who also took part in the peace talks, said that he made several attempts to convince Prabakaran to look for a solution within an undivided Sri Lanka but those attempts failed.

He said the LTTE peace negotiators had, during peace talks, agreed to a federal solution but Prabakaran rejected it.

Karuna Amman said that Prabakaran also believed the international community will come to his rescue and that turned out to be a big mistake. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This evil murderer massacred 600 surrendered policeman, bombed Dalada Maligawa, Bombed Anuradapure and sprayed his revolver at innocent worshippers in Katankudy mosque.

    For this Rajapakse rewarded him with a ministry, Sinhala women, Whisky bottles and money.

    This evil murderer is now planning to escape the crimes he has committed and he should be arrested immediately before he runs away.

  2. He is simply trying to escape from facing war crime charges since he involved in military action. If he thinks what stand he took for Tamils, why he could not win election with many seats instead of waiting for being nominated as MP. Sri Lankan government interfered when he was arrested and detained in Briton while Amnestry was calling the British government to prosecute him for crimes against humanity.

  3. Is this man worth a penny to be interviewed. He is a great liar who massacred 600 policemen who surrendered to him. Let him go with Rajapaksa

  4. We can still remember how this little karuna and others attached Dalada Maligawa when he was with LTTE.
    It was the faut of Mr.Rajapks for giving him Ministry post.
    He Is an wanted past Terrorist man. Arrest him for war Inquiry.

  5. It seems that the Previous Government was so generous to appoint Karuna as Minister without any help. He helped the Govt. to win the War Good. What now he denies to escape from What? Check his Bank Accounts and liabilities!

  6. මැරුණු කොටියට පන දෙන්න කරුණා දැන් දඟලනවා.කොටි නකුටන්ව වීරයෝ කරන්න හදනවා . ඇමේති කටුව ලෙවකන කලේ මොහු මොනවද කිව්වේ කියල මුළු රටම දන්නවා.මුගේ පන කෙන්ද බේරුනේ ප්‍රභාකරන්ට විරුද්දව රජයේ හමුදාවන්ට ඔත්තු සැපයු නිසා.

  7. [In an interview with a Tamil television station, Karuna Amman said that the LTTE became weak]
    So he admits he is a strong efficient killing machine of innocent while he was in charge. Oh! appoint this capable leader as the head of supper ministry. This arrogant murderer now boasting of his strength as a leader or shall I say giving the middle finger to Sinhalese. As I mention before Sri Lankans are a forgiving lot.

    • Yes we cannot Forget this terrorist Who participated to attack Dalada Maligawa and Bodhi Tree at Anuradhapura .
      Don’t trust this terrorist.

  8. So you need Tamil people vote, so what about your links with other LTTE HEADS LIKE UTHYA MASTERS.
    You have time so better go to Scholl and you also a child cadre and need rehabilitation as well as inquiry by President. Commission. You including Prbakaran spoiled the Tamil cause so shut up , do not try to live on PRBA’S NAME

  9. Karuna gave the example to LTTE to drop weapons and joining the democratic way. In the recent election ex-LTTE members contested in the election and Sri Lankan government should promote their wish of becoming politicians. But current UNP and Sirisena are with LTTE violent group who are against Sri Lanka.

    • What’s next Niranjan if you have son sure you would name him Karuna Amman in honor of your murdering terrorist hero to show your everlasting gratitude.

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