TN groups to protest against US stand on Lanka

Evening-Tamil-News-Paper_87209284306Political groups based in Tamil Nadu have threatened to stage a protest next week against the US Government decision to back a domestic investigation on the war in Sri Lanka.

Tamil Nadu politician Thol Thirumavalavan said that he has organised a protest outside the US Embassy in Chennai on September 3 against the announcement by the US that it will sponsor a resolution in support of Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council.

He said that the former Government under Mahinda Rajapaksa had been accused of grave human rights abuses during the war and several countries and international organisations had backed calls for an international investigation into the incidents.

However he noted, now the United States has decided to back a domestic investigations process, which the Tamils will not accept. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dude, Can you do something about poor Tamilions living in Mumbai slums, while giving a bad name to TN, Mumbai, and India?

    Why you don’t care about living Tamil people and cry about Tamil terrorists?

  2. Although I am generally against TN groups doing politics on Sri Lanka, I am with them this time. TNA and its allies had been clamouring for an impartial international inquiry until the recent elections, but now keeping silent and supporting the new SL government. The diaspora groups in western countries too were clamouring for an international inquiry. How their stand somersaulted soon after the elections is a million dollar question the Tamil voters are seeking the answer to. If the whole question of International inquiry rested only on a regime change, are the Tamils in Sri Lanka and world over been cheated? Is the TNA taking them for a ride?

    All along the world knew why US was interested in the Tamil question in Sri Lanka. They wanted a regime change by using the puppet politicians in SL. Now the much publicised action against war crimes and human rights violations in SL are conveniently being pigeon holed. The very same UN opined that a domestic inquiry would not be credible and effective. Now they are eating their own words!

  3. These “Tamil Parties” did not speak a word when Tamil Tiger Terrorists killed thousands and thousands of innocent people in mass murder at border villages, in Colombo bombs, in public transport explosions.

  4. The TNA promised the tamil people in Sri lanka that they would insist on international investigation, now that they got 16 seats in the north, they have forgotten the promises they made to the tamils. The TNA should have been honest from the start.It is the TNA who have betrayed the Tamils.

  5. Mind your own business Mr.We will look after our problems and you look after yours.
    In simple words F off and get lost.

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