Government says country’s image was tarnished

KaruThe Government says the country’s image which had been tarnished in the international arena has now been re-established.

Government member and United National Party (UNP) Parliamentary candidate, Karu Jayasuriya, said that a number of large foreign investment projects have already been initiated and many more foreign investors and financial institutions, funding development projects, look forward to working with an administration of the United National Front Government for Good Governance.

“It would be seen that every time the UNP was in power the economy had flourished with the input of large scale local and foreign investments and initiation of development projects.  Therefore, what needs to be done at this juncture is to ensure victory to the United National Front which is experienced, geared to face the present day challenges and capable of winning both local and international support,” Jayasuriya said.

He said that the decision of the voters at the next election will determine the destiny of the country and future of the people.

Jayasuriya said the party that wins should be able to implement constitutional reforms, a program for economic development, educational reforms, a process of eliminating corruption and fulfill the aspirations of the people to live as free citizens.

“It should be also a party that could win the confidence and support of the large majority of the citizenry. At this juncture, the best group that should be elected is the United National Front for Good Governance. Several political parties and many civil society organizations have aligned themselves with the Front for Good Governance led by the United National Party which has the largest vote base as a single political party. It is interesting to note that several political parties representing Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and many other ethnic groups together with civil society activists have come forward to support the Front for Good Governance. Many groups with different opinions who earlier had engaged in ideological disputes in the past with the UNP, in common interest of the country have agreed to join hands in order to continue with the change effected by the people on the 8th of January,” Jayasuriya said.

Jayasuriya also said that the people should not get lured into unachievable and unworkable concepts and programs, however much attractive those might be. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. UNP stalwart J.R.Jayawardene was the root cause for most of the post independence problems Tamil faced in Sri Lanka including disfranchising Tamils of Indian origin. Successive UNP governments messed up the war taking the war to the worst level including arming LTTE to drive away the IPKF. Ranil Wickremasinghe government in 2000-2004 signally failed to solve the ethnic issue even after making a big hue and cry about a peace accord that resulted in zero. UNP is not second to SLFP when it comes to Corruption and Nepotism, just to point out one incidence of nepotism is the appointment of Sonali Wickramatunge to a posh international position in the foreign affairs department.
    Is the Pot calling the Kettle black?

  2. sri lankas image tarnished by silly unp govt, when china port project stopped all intl investors laughed and ranaway, afeterwards volkswagen car plant lies, bank bonds, No private investor will come to sri lanka from now on, your name is erased from europe, AND your Forign minster is trevelling and talking( In sri lankan language) you call it KELAM AND OPA DUPA to europeans and to jim kerry .US, As a representatives of country you must have a something called prestige and pride. , ???????

  3. Only one government in Sri Lankan History has made a real difference. It was Rajapaksa Government. Brutal war by Tamil terrorists was defeated, Highways and Airports were built, New Port City project initiated. By talking such as UNP doing will not give anything to Sri Lanka; Sri Lankan people need to see how things happen in “developped countries”. Even Chandrika from SLFP ruined the country instead of developing. Premadasa had the ambition to develop but foreign invisible hands helped LTTE to destroy him. Because Rajapaksa had his family members around him, these invisible foreign powers could not touch Rajapaksa.

    • I agree with your last line that Rajapaksha had his family around him, where he robbed left, right and center. He defeated terrorism which we admire him but he brought the country to a point of no return due to nepotism and corruption. We were lucky to have given the opportunity by MR himself of his greed for power to contest for the 3rd time, and losing to one of his own ministers. 17th will be the grand finale where we can see the brute sent home for good.

    • In developed countries a so called politicians like the Rajapaksa’s would have been locked up in prison long ago , and often for crimes far less serious than their blatant criminality.

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