TNA election manifesto notes 13-A flawed

DSC_0860The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says the 13th Amendment to the constitution, which was part of the Indo-Lanka accord, is flawed as power is concentrated at the Center and its agent, the Governor.

In its election manifesto released in Jaffna today, the TNA said that the Tamil people are entitled to self-determination in keeping with United Nations International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, both of which Sri Lanka has accepted and acceded to.

TNA leader R. Sampanthan, reading out from the TNA election manifesto at the launch event, said that power sharing arrangements must continue to be established as it existed earlier in a unit of a merged Northern and Eastern Provinces based on a federal structure.

“The Tamil speaking Muslim historical inhabitants shall be entitled to be benificiaries of all power sharing arrangements to the North – East. This will no way inflict any disability on any people. Devolution of power on the basis of shared sovereignty shall be over land, law and order and enforcement of the law so as to ensure the safety and security of the Tamil people,” he said.

Former TNA Parliamentarians participated in the event but a notable absentee was the Chief Minister of the Northern Province and TNA member C.V. Wigneswaran.

Wigneswaran has been pushing for a war crimes investigation in Sri Lanka and Sampanthan said that the TNA manifesto also calls for the release of the report on the war in Sri Lanka by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

“Accountability and Reconciliation are fundamental to genuine and permanent peace in Sri Lanka,” he added.

The TNA election manifesto, however stressed that all the proposals in the document must be enacted and implemented within the framework of a united and undivided Sri Lanka.

The TNA manifesto also calls for “meaningful demilitarization, resulting in the return to the pre-war situation as it existed in 1983 before the commencement of hostilities by the removal of armed forces, military apparatuses and High Security and Restricted zones.

Sampanthan said that Tamil people who have been displaced in the North and East due to the conflict, must be speedily resettled in their original places.

He also said that it is important that all political prisoners and other prisoners held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) in relation to war related activities must be released. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Our country was survived 2600 years as an Island undivided base on Sinhalese-Buddhist civilization.
    Our ancestors accommodated many ethnic and religion believes time to time in ours past due the availability of many factors that given situation of evolution of history.
    Well south Indian an invaders of Tamil origin had been occupy our soil during that periods ,but we regain and defeated invaders several occasions and reunite AN ISLAND.

    TNA and North Tamil political class while again want to be by using that elections occupy -north ,Sri lanka,- land by help of divided according to wish of US-CIA ,UK-MI15 and Indian-RAW.

    TNA was politically behind Tamil ruthless terrorist outfits of LTTE during 30 war against our sovereignty and Territorial Integrity and Democracy in our land and people.

    TNA still is proxies forces back and behind, that US, UK and Indian -RAW and puppet, that big power want SPLIT AND DIVIDED AN ISLAND BY HOOK OR CROOK.
    1 No merge between north-east for Tamil Eealm

    2 No land buying and selling power to only to Tamil in North and East cannot accepts by democratic rule governance.

    3 NO police power north Tamil PC only. TNA is morally and physically support LTTE armed struggle during 30 war. CM of NPC has proved he was behind LTTE
    so-called genocide allegation against Sinhalese administration since 1948.

    TNA is ever-never denied Gun Rule politics and upheld democracy during 30 war against People of Sri lanka.
    TNA is part of Tamil Nadu that affiliated with Tamil political class.

    TNA is having grand plan for Tamil speaking rough state in First north land then want step by step expanded into Tamil-Nadu in world MAP OF TAMIL EEALM PUPPET STATE.

    Tamil political class ultimately want occupy entire Island of Sri lanka.
    This is what GTF and WTC proposed projects to be established of Tamil speaking state in Indian Ocean back by big power politics and served Tamil only Capitalism .

    This will be more Nazi type of ruthless Tamil dicthorship regime will undermined and destroy Indian sub-Continental democracy once and for all!

    LTTE Gun rule politics had give us that set of example to that past 30 war by Tamil political class going to more uncivilized political movement exist in Indian civilization.

    TNA has to understand that we as Sri Lankan have no way or cannot compromised with Principally their so-called proposals of Merger, Land Power and Police powers as well as Federal State. at any cost.

    Tamil community is part and parcel of Our democracy ,can enjoy economic rights, Language rights and religion freedom any nook and corner of island.
    Undivided Sri lanka is historical issues and nation survival to be settle with Unitary Democratic state.


  2. TNA election manifesto is a sober and constructive document that calls for sharing sovereignty vested in the people. We need a brand new constitution based on the plurality of all the people in the island of Ceylon. Equality, justice and good governance will take the country on the road to progress economically and socially. Will our leaders rise to the occasion is the million dollar question?

  3. It’s Good to see the same Moron’s of the TNA now trying to put the clock back to the Very Early 80’s in it’s politics. It was these Very Moron’s who accepted the 13A until 2013. They got the elections they wanted as part of the 13 A now they say it’s flawed. Let me say to these Fools to set the Clock back to the 1980’s on issues that now have been settled WITH BLOOD ON ALL SIDES OVER 30 YEARS is a gave danger again to A New form of war fare. And there should not be room for such outdated politics on all sides. But these Former Worshippers of that democratic party called the LTTE have not learnt the leassons of moving foward with a United Lanka in harmony.

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