Mahinda says even he will fight corruption

MahindaFormer President Mahinda Rajapakse today said that he will ensure corruption is stopped and a transparent mechanism is introduced to ensure equal opportunity to all.

Rajapaksa also said that the opposition United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) was not divided and that it would gain majority votes at the August 17 parliamentary elections in order to form a new government.

In a question and answer session on social media today, Rajapakse said that the reason he had made a re-entry to politics after being defeated at the January presidential polls was because he had been requested to do so by millions of people who had visited his home in the recent months.

“I was ready to retire. But thousands of people came to see me during the past few months, and this was their request. The people have changed my mind to serve the country I love,” he said.

A group of UPFA members defected from the party recently and joined the ruling United National Party to contest the elections under a coalition due to Rajapakse being handed over nominations to contest the polls from the opposition.

The party is also facing a division with a group of Rajapakse loyalists urging President Maithripala Sirisena, who is also the chairman of the UPFA, to make the him the party’s prime ministerial candidate.

Meanwhile Rajapakse further said that if the opposition wins the August parliamentary polls, they would take immediate measures to re-start the development process in the country, which he claims has been halted by the present government.

“As you know there is a massive loss of jobs due to this very ignorant manner in which the new government is halting these new projects. The first thing would be to start development projects and move forward,” he wrote responding to questions.

The former leader further said that if elected his government would bring a halt to corruption and wrongdoing even if his own party members were involved in such acts.

Rajapakse is contesting the August polls from the opposition UPFA from the Kurunegala district. (Colombo Gazette)


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