No proof China backing MR at polls says Mangala

mangala-samaraweeraThe Government says there is no proof to back claims that China is supporting the election campaign of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, responding to a question posed by the Colombo Gazette on a live chat over the Facebook page of the BBC Sinhala service, said that he was aware of unconfirmed reports that the Chinese government is funding Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election campaign.

“None of these allegations have been substantiated. And I don’t believe that the Chinese government will stoop to those levels,” the Foreign Minister said.

Rajapaksa is contesting the August 17 Parliament election under the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) and is being backed by the party to be the next Prime Minister.

During his term as President, Rajapaksa was known to have had very close ties with the Chinese Government and was at times also accused of receiving funds from the Chinese as gifts for his personal use.

The United National Party (UNP), after it took office in January this year, launched investigations into some of the projects funded by the Chinese and suspended some projects pending further investigations.

Rajapaksa has however said that if he becomes Prime Minister after the Parliamentary election he will allow the Chinese funded projects to resume work. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. so what is MANGALA alias Goebbels (propaganda minister of Nazi Germany’s) saying this time. He has asked the help of the U.S. India and Scotland Yard to find MR’s hidden wealth but all of them couldn’t find it as there was he is trying to say indirectly that China is helping MR. Get a life MANGALA your days of being airborne is hopefully coming to an end.

  2. I am 100% aggre with you .I am living uk I know not only us government but also uk government need Chinese investment . former president MR is greatest leader in sri Lankan histry and currant . He knows more than anybody how to develop the country. mangala does not know anything. sri lanka need Chinese investment more than those develop countries . All sri Lankan people must help him to develop sri lanka with china.We are allways with you.

    • My English knowledge is more than enough to earn your whole month salary to earn in one day work. If China did not help to Mr who going to give wepon to finish the war.west always helto lte .if Mr did not finish the war u may
      be RIP now. U must be know who gave money to bikd high way and air port. . Now i can reach to galle in 2hours
      .it took 78hours it before

  3. Hope this is the last time we see Mangala the donkey in politics. Within last few months he damaged the Sri Lankan image in international politics.

  4. Chinese funded projects is not that interest of MR, that is vital interest of Ours national economic development.

    Indian and Pakistan can rise fund from China billions of US dollars!

    US govt. can barrow US $ 1.26 Trillion from China, what wrong with Sri lanka rise funds from China? Double face and double standard of Big countries attitude of China is policy of hipcoracy by US and India.
    UNP has voice is the voice of US and Indian policy of hipcoracy.
    Managala of FM is man have no common sense of International politics.
    He is puppet of West.

    • This is totally incorrect statement by Ranjith without knowing facts. In case of the USA china cannot influence its politics or administration. In case of Sri Lankan they want to have purport government in Sri Lanka under MAhinda. China did this in many underdeveloped countries with corrupted leaders.

      • @Nalin
        You are completely wrong ! China owns the US. It influences both it’s administration AND it’s politics – not openly but enough to ensure that the US does not stand in it’s way where it feels it matters.

        Not only the US but all of North America. Canada is bending over backwards to supply oil to China and build pipelines to do so (and sacrificing it’s own environment to do so).

        The US is in a dillema. On the one hand it has to maintain it’s Superpower Face and can barely afford to do so. China on the other hand is going where it wants to and doing what it likes.

        Probably Mangala is saying this because there is ample proof that the US financed the January Election 🙂

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