Push to make MR Prime Minister will continue

Mahinda Rajapaksa MRThe push to make former President Mahinda Rajapaksa the new Prime Minister will continue, Western Province Chief Minister Prassana Ranatunga said today.

Ranatunga, who is unsure if he will receive nominations or not from the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) to contest the August 17 Parliament elections, said that the people who voted for Rajapaksa at the January Presidential election want him to be Prime Minister.

Rajapaksa lost the January election to Maithripala Sirisena who eventually took over the leadership of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and Chairmanship of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA).

Ranatunga has been a strong supporter of Rajapaksa and was part of the opposition led campaign to name him the Prime Ministerial candidate of the UPFA.

President Sirisena has so far refused to nominate Rajapaksa as the UPFA Prime Ministerial candidate despite giving him nominations to contest for a Parliament seat.

Ranatunga said that there are also reports he will not be given nominations to contest the election and if those reports are true, the reason could be since he is seen as a strong supporter of Rajapaksa.

However the Western Province Chief Minister said that even if he is not given nominations from his party, he will continue to campaign to make Rajapaksa the next Prime Minister. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Past seven months is a quick replay demonstrating what a spineless lame duck President can be. I think losing the Presidential elections was truly a blessing in disguise for President Rajapakse to prove what a true leader should be. I think Rajapakse’s popularity and confidence has increased tremendously.

    Even his enemies now feel country needs Rajapakse and not this spineless creature Sirisena who hijacked the event to ‘win’ the presidential elections. In fact Sirisena guy never won the elections and it was Rajapakse who narrowly lost the elections. Sirisena’s votes were not a pro Sirisena vote but anti Rajapakse vote.

    It is best Sirisena hands back his president post back to Rajapakse. If that is not legally possible then best have Presidential elections again and I am sure this time Rajapakse will win with more than 80% of votes.

  2. A campaign have already started to reject those who worked against Mahinda after his defeat. It remains to be seen how many of these ‘Appachi Malo’ clique will get elected this time. The fate of Rajitha, MDKS, Arjuna and Duminda is certainly sealed after this Election as they have no following and their bad mouth will be too much for people this time around. It remains to be seen if likes of Thilanga, Vijithamuni, Mahinda Samarasinghe, Sarath Amunugama and S.B. will make it to the Parliament?

    It will be difficult to make Mahinda PM even if UPFA wins the election. Most certainly UPFA will win the election but might fall short of a majority due to this proportional representation. Although it was promised that a majority of UPFA members would decide PM candidate these things will change after the Election. Instead Sira will tell a majority of Parliament members should decide PM and make a deal with UNP to appoint some other UPFA member as PM (most likely Nimal Siripala).

  3. During last 6 moths we went back more than 10 years when development is concerned. Sri Lanka needs Rajapaksa again to continue from where he stopped. Only two groups not happy with this; Tamil Diaspora and Western countries always wanted to see Sri Lanka poor and struggling.

  4. MR has play vital role as national leader since 2005. We are at stage in Capitalist Development of Sustsnsabilty path of growth.

    MR has proved track record of 9 years of ruling that democracy governance and Sustsnsabilty of balance progressive role during his past political line of democracy.

    He was tested only democratic leader to be in country ,which most suitable leader to be run state of affairs our island .

    UNP-Ranil W… is far from his visionless that party without leadership and strategy plan of Capitalism.
    UNP part have no team for future.

  5. Yes a so called thief (not proven guilty) is far better as suresena says than a spineless politician, MR is the only man who can lead the country, the others came and ruled for 6 months spending their time on baseless accusations, the biggest fraud was committed the financial situation in a mess and the foreign minister airborne and talking a load of rubbish. The PM acting like a superindent of a concentration camp…throwing his weight around. GOD help Sri lanka.

    • suresena so grateful as supporter of MR you admit that he is a thief very big of you. Lots of people with strong back bone unwilling to admit to fact that he is a thief. Just one thing you forget to mention King of thief’s and the forty other thieves.

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