Government to consider clearing port city

Port-CityThe government today said that its cabinet of ministers had decided to consider clearing the Chinese funded port city project after its gets the environmental clearance.

Cabinet Spokesperson Rajitha Senaratne told journalists that the that the cabinet had also decided to take the project away from the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) and hand it over to the Urban Development Authority (UDA).

“Since it is an urban development project it should be under the UDA and not the SLPA. Further, the project had not got all the environment clearances. Once the clearances are secured, the government will consider recommencing the project,” Senaratne said.

“On a proposal made by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to instruct the central environmental authority to start a complete environmental impact assessment with the assistance of relevant institutions and on the completion of its studies to reconsider the recommencing of the above project was approved by the cabinet of ministers,” Senaratne added.

The US$1.4 billion Colombo port city project funded by China Communications Construction Company LTD was suspended by the new Sri Lankan government which took office in January after concerns were raised over some aspects of the project.

However the government said last month that it had appointed a fresh committee to study the possibility of continuing the project which is set to attract 20 to 25 billion US dollars of foreign investments once completed.


  1. MS regime back by UNP-Ranil govt. since 2015 January made no accountability or individual misdeeds political decision by stop grater expanding Colombo city -ongoing project.
    Which has been undermined growth of national economic development. by MS ,UNP-Ranil & CBK rule.

    We as nation lost billions of dollars invested by People’s Republic of China initial amount Us $ 1.3 billions dollars. Total investment comes to more than 30 to 40 billions in time to come; is really estimated by in future trading and business is concern.

    All our nationalities by every sector of social start has lost welfare & benefitted of that the well being of majority masses of people by such projects suspended by UNP -Ranil regime.

    Minority nationalities, of Tamils Muslims and US and Indian BJP govt. an opposed our expanding of City development projects by vested interest of foreign powers .

    It was very inception UNP-Ranil.W… blamed previous Govt. that ,immediate after resume minority govt. that suspended ongoing projects by blaming on environments issues.

    The real issues is not that environment.
    So-called environment of that NGOs are back by US and Indian funded Christian led religious organizations. They have no skill on search for the environment effect of Port city projects.

    Actually UNP Ranil, CBK and MS has promised to before elections to that Indian -RAW and US-policy team to abolished proposed project funded by China. The is real reason behind that stop of Colombo expanding Port City project vested interest of US and Indian and serve ‘pivot Asian policy’ of US hegemony.

    Current regime give and explain is unacceptable and unaccountable reasons STOP PORT CITY PROJECT by MS regime. That is against vested interest of People of Sri lanka.

    Indian BJP-RSS Modi regime received 2014 September during that President of China XI Jinping visit India ,Govt. of India obtain US $ 20 billions dollars for funding many projects.
    Then Modi 2015 visit China again he asked PRC another US$ 22 billions dollars.
    Total 2014 and 2015 Modi received US $ 42 Billion from China for all major development projects in India.

    They have every right obtain US billions from China, but Indian do not like to see that Sri lanka received funds from China! Ours Development Projects.
    This is how Indian going to bully Sri Lanka nation and People.

    See what happen US giant economy purely depend on selling US Govt. Bond to China. People’s Republic China holding US $ 1.26 trillions by govt. of China.
    US debt China currently US $ 1260 Billion dollars.

    Indian and US put conditions against to govt .of Sri lanka that NOT HAVING ANY longs OR aids OR INVESTEMNT FROM CHINA for ours economic development . Is this democracy nation right thinking?

    This is nothing else that is economic sanction by Indian and US ruling regimes against Sri lanka nation. Support by MS, UNP-Ranil & CBK regime.

    This current regime surrender of Economic Sovereignty and Independence, while Sustsnsabilty of Capitalist development to the big power.
    By and larger MS junta. UNP-Ranil CBK playing hands of NOT NATIONAL INTERSET OF OURS CAPITALIST PATH OF GROWTH.

    This is against will and the wish of majority people’s of Sri Lanka’s DEMOCRACY AND DEVELOPEMNT..

  2. This is a good decision. We should follow the correct procedures and regulation and carryon existing projects and new projects to uplift our peoples lives. We have to take all the offers and advantages with clear cut strategy for a accelarate economic development. Also it is very important to secure a sustainble energy program with this kind of development.

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