Ranjan claims MS accused MR over murder incident

Ranjan RamanayakePresident Maithripala Sirisena accused former President Mahinda Rajapaksa of being involved in a murder incident in Hambantota some 20 years ago, a Deputy Minister claimed.

Deputy Minister of Social Services, Welfare and Livestock Development Ranjan Ramanayake said that President Sirisena had personally told him that Rajapaksa was a suspect over the murder incident.

“President Sirisena was a witness to that incident,” Ramanayake claimed.

Ramanayake said that this was one of the reasons why the President did not want Rajapaksa to be the Prime Ministerial candidate of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA).

“He was in jail but was later freed with the assistance of UNP member John Amaratunga,” Ramanayake told a local radio station today.

Ramanayake said that anyone who has doubts over what he is saying can directly ask President Sirisena if the story is true.

“I asked the President if I can reveal this to the media and he said yes,” Ramanayake added.

According to Ramanayake the President has said that everyone in Hambantota and even senior UNP members are aware of the allegation against Rajapaksa.

Ramanayake said that if the families of the victims come forward the case against Rajapaksa can be brought back into the open.

He also noted that the new Government has launched investigations into several cases which had been closed by the former Government and if required even the case against Rajapaksa will be investigated. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Killing anyone in the island should be investigated and punished and no one is above the law.

  2. Are we going to revisit the Batalanda killings during the time the UNP was governing? Since some of those leaders are still in active politics, this might be a good idea to clear some questions.

  3. Wow very timely lie you brought this up with the consent of another liar MY3. lies abetting lies.Idiots the country is down the drain and people are fighting for survival and you all cannot solve this major problem,expecting to eat your lies to survive. you people should not be in Parliament.Period.

  4. It’s a pity Rajapakshe saved this country! Shouldve let it rot like all the previous leaders did! Sad to see the current President is being made a puppet by good for nothing scum bags like this guy who haven’t got a political future for any good he has for the people and only act of survival is to open the rusty mouth and say whatever he feels! People need to make a decision in the next election and it’s very important for our country’s future!

  5. Ranja, you forgot to say about thousands of killing by the UNP and some young men were burnt alive with tyres around the head. You very silent about this??

  6. People like John Amarathunga is also as bad as MR. One day they will have to answer these crime committed by them,

  7. Mr, Ranjan, We have lots of files to send you to consider, How about Batalanda case? Everybody knows about background of both sides of politicians. However Mr. Rajapaksa save the country to live you, me and everyone. Majority people still like him. I don’t think that you can change people’s thoughts about former president. Don’t be a “Wandibattakaya” in politics. What ever you say and done can be used against you in court in the future. We don’t want to hear anyone’s past. Country needs to move forward. Please be a gentleman in politics and do some good things sake of the citizens.

  8. All this talk about non-bending head is a joke.
    Rajapakse offering LTTE sea planes: http://www.thesundayleader.lk/archive/20060507/politics.htm
    The 48hr cease fire was an example of bending head:

    The armed forces did not lose this time around, previously they did:
    Credit goes to the fighting men and the belief and training instilled from about 2000:

  9. Ranjan

    You are brave and outspoken and we need politicians like yourself.

    Rajapakse committed the murder and a crime is a crime. There is no prescriptive period to for a crime and please do all what you can do to bring this murderer mahinda to be dealt with according t of criminal justice.
    I now believe he must have for hundreds of people murdered during his period as the president.
    Please do not allow him to go Scott free after committing all the henious crimes on innocent victims.

    This is a budhist counter by where justice must prevail.


  11. If this is true Sirisena must also be arrested along with MR for keeping silent and not reporting a murder. Those who look on while a crime is committed can also be culpable. If Sira doesn’t want MR to be PM because of that crime of 20 years ago, what was he doing accepting him as president and working closely with him like bosom buddies? What a hypocrite. And his new trusted buddy is this nitwit Ranja? What a joke. It will be very interesting to hear Siribiris give evidence in court against MR. So go on Sira get the police moving. We can’t wait for this new drama.

  12. How old the incident is hardly matters. Once a murder is always a murder, willing to kill again.

  13. Sirisena is playing the final Trump Card, it appears he does not have any more left. Everyone knows Rajapksa had some corruption and also notorious past, but he rescued the country and did not bow to foreign powers. His strong personality helped to defeat Tiger Terrorists and that is the main reason people still behind him apart from massive development projects launched when in power. A President acting like a scarecrow or a deputy Cow-Minister will not have an advantage for Sri Lnnka. Please get lost.

    • Indeed what a coward this president is. He didn’t utter a word for 20 long years about the alleged incident, instead he kept supporting MR. In fact there are clips on Youtube where MS screams like a parrot on cocaine praising MR. MS goes on and on and on referring to MR, this is our God, this is the best president, this is the man who saved us from terrorism, this is my man , blah blah blah and what not. If what now he says is true, instead of all that, he should have said this. As the government’s inability and corruption and the same old tactics are getting exposed, and MR is becoming popular again, MS is trying different tricks to keep MR out of the scene because he is scared of MR. Basically, MS had a majority of only 4 lakhs of votes including 9 lakhs from the North in the presidential election. With TNA contesting separately, and with the dwindling support now, MS knows he and his government cannot expect that support anymore either. So they want all the tricks in the world to trap that guy out, shame on you president..

    • Sumanadasa,

      You don’t have any principles do you? Maybe one day, when you or your family get done by one of these Rajapakse thugs, you will start to sing a different tune!

    • Rajapaksa is not just a murderer he is a mass murderer. That’s how he won the war against the Ltte. He didn’t care about killing thousands of civilians. The sinhala Buddhists are worshipping a mass murderer and want him back in power! What kind of Buddhists are these people? Lord Buddha is turning in his grave!

    • Sumanadaa, you are holding the wrong end of the stick. Tigers were not defeated by Rajapakses it was General Sarath Fonseka and his men who brought the demise of the Tigers. Rajapakse would never have even stepped into the war zone. He is the biggest coward who only liked to project himself as the hero. People like you should jump into the Beira

    • It doesn’t mean ex.precident can kill people.at that time he was not the precident of the country.so why can’t sue him.you are a born idiot man.

  14. This story is true. But very old, This incident happened during R. Premadasa regime. John Amaratunga was Member of UNP, not a Minister.

  15. Well done Ranjan, You have all the courage to expose this at least. We Could have bring this long time a go. But Jhon Amarathunga or even UNP didn’t talk about this. I would like to refer this case when a journalist interviewed former CJ Sarath N. De Silva in a one occasion he clearly explained with case numbers. He said it was a case with eye witness and clear evidence to send him for life in prison , but he was fortunate to get a pardon with political influence at that time. It happened in 1985 nmore than twenty years ago. Rasika Jayakodi in his article on 15/04/2015 “Mahinda Rajapaksa’s past shows he is capable of dividing his party, if it behefit him politically”( DBS Jeyaraj.com)

    he says “Another highlight of his tumultuous political career was the by-election of Mulkirigala in which his elder brother Chamal Rajapaksa contested as the SLFP candidate. The election was characterized with violence and it was a blatant display of ‘fire-power’. Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was helping his brother’s election campaign, was arrested in connection with a shooting incident in Mulkirigala and was remanded for three months.

    It was later revealed that Rajapaksa cell-mate was an Australian smuggler. The Australian national had asked the youthful politician what he would be doing when he left prison, to which Rajapaksa had said “go back to politics”. In response, the Aussie had said he would “go back to smuggling” after his time in prison.”

    So ranjan You are correct find out the first case number. Second is during the “kalawana” by election. he lost and regain his civic rights due to defamatory speech alone with Sarath Muttetuwegama against Abeyrathne Pilapitiya ( Mahinda was the first respondent in the landmark case Rajapaksa Vs Gunasekera (Kalawana Election petition – 1983) whose the Supreme Court upheld his argument- But with the political support of then president JRJ)

    • Well, Very interesting. If this is true both MR and MS should be persecuted. Especially MS as he is supposed to have witnessed the incidence. This is dynamite and both MR and MS will loose civic rights then! John Amaratunga and all others involved should also be tried for preventing the course of justice.

      If we are to probe these goons there will be a new parliament!!!

      Remember Ranjan does not have a clean track record either!

    • and related to MR being accused as a murder, a Canadian
      resident quoted some villagers from down South the story of his murdering his 1st wife and how the investigations were stopped by Ranil, with the ASP loosing the file thereafter….??? No mention has been made about a 1st wife in MRs Biography, which would be so as this incident if true.

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