Asgiriya Chief Prelate questions North CM’s demand

Galagama.Sri_.Aththadassi.chapter.AsgiriThe Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter, the Venerable Galagama Attadassi Thera, has questioned the demand by the Chief Minister of the Northern Province C V Wigneswaran, that the army should be withdrawn from Jaffna.

The Venerable Galagama Attadassi Thera said that the Government must be wise when responding to such demands and ensure that Sri Lanka remains united under one National flag.

The Chief Prelate said this when he met Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe who is on a visit to Kandy.

Responding to this, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe noted that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is working well with the new Government.

He recalled that some TNA members had even attended the Independence Day celebrations this year and this shows that the TNA accepts Sri Lanka’s Independence Day and also the military.

The Prime Minister said that while there maybe a few negative comments being made by some TNA members, in Parliament both the Government and the TNA have a good understanding.

Wickremesinghe also noted that the issue of returning land held by the military in the North to the civilians is still an issue.

However he said that land which the military does not require anymore since the war is over, is being returned to the rightful owners. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. UNP-Ranil .W… CBK and MS has no respect for Sovereignty, Territorial integrity and Independence of Sri lanka.
    The group in power led by MS regime encourage and assist to be promoted Separatism and secession in
    Sri lanka, land for Tamils rough state.

    CBK follow Federal Statues for Tamils, UNP-Ranil want give north-east Tamil Eealm and MS want totally withdraw Army from North ,give thousands of acres to Tamils for separatists to laid foundation Tamil Eealm -state.
    This what is happenings currently that infulance by US to be grant Tamil Federal state in North.
    They are going to erase Sinhalese race and Buddhism from Sri lanka, soil that as quick as possible led by MS regime.

    Ours nation challenge by Tamil politics , that combination with UNP-Ranil and CBK which have unprecedented crisis of civilization after 2600 years. Nation state going to be dismantle or split into TWO COUNTRIES by UNP leadership support by MS & CBK regime.

    • modaya, what a waffle. unitary state is an outdated and unworkable concept in the modern world. citizens are better governed under a federal system. unitary concept only brought misery to sri lanka. it appears sinhala race, buddhism and sinhala dialect stand on a shaky ground in order for tamils to over run it.

  2. Not only Sinhalese many Tamils were killed by LTTE during 30 year war period. It was only presence of army provided essential protection for Tamil people who did not support war. We understand Chief Priest’s idea is about protection to North East and not killing people again. People should not be dreaming about a Separatism as we have already ruined our generations of people.

  3. What sort of spiritual leader is this? Preaching unity of land to be protected by gun power? Where is kindness, love, tolerance, respect in this $&@$& religion?

  4. old idiot galagama is an absolute wanker. buddhism is a good for nothing religion. in sri lanka and burma its pure evil. buddhism should be eradicated from this world. all sinhala and burmese buddhist monks should be rounded up and burnt alive.

    • Ignorance is bliss to idiots like you. Although your pseudonym is Rama people can figure out your religion which condones killing and beheading thousands in the name of your almighty God. Now, that I can call “EVIL.” Your people burnt alive the Buddhists and destroyed the worlds first university in Nalanda years ago. Appears you want to do it again in Sri Lanka and Burma. You are notorious and adept at killing, so espouse it as much as you can just as your are killing your own all over the world. Kill people to go to your heaven!

  5. Leave it to the Tamil people to decide what they want by way of referendum. If the chief prelate thinks, according to his religious belief, that the presence of the army is essential in place of the Tamils in the North, he is sadly mistaken.

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