130 people remanded over Jaffna clash

gavelThe Jaffna Magistrate today remanded 130 people till June 3 over the violence which erupted in Jaffna yesterday.

The police had arrested the people following violent protests in Jaffna and also seized 60 motorbikes, 43 bicycles and 5 three-wheelers.

Those arrested had taken part in the protest outside the Jaffna court over the rape and murder of a school girl in Jaffna.

The protestors were demanding the suspects be handed over to them. Police spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunesekare said that six police officers were injured in the clash.

The body of the 17-year-old school girl was discovered in Pungudutivu last week after the police launched a manhunt following a complaint lodged by the victim’s parents.

The girl’s parents informed the Kayts Police station, situated in the north, that their daughter did not returned home from school. The police searched the residence of a youth in the area and found bloodstained clothing. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I was in-front of the Jaffna Hospital on Wednesday morning around 9.30 am. I saw few young people demanding the shop owners to close the shops; particularly they were demanding the pharmacy to close which has been preparing and dispensing drugs for sick people. I asked those young people “who gave you the authority to force the shop owners to close the shops” They didn’t answer, I quickly went to the police and asked the police to arrest those young people; but the police said that they didn’t have the authority to arrest them. If the police would have arrested them in the morning we could have avoided police getting injured and damaging the public properties. People are allowed to express their views; there is no need to close the shops and schools, or getting into violence. The Tamil leaders who backed this protest must answer few serious questions to themselves. Tamil people and the country would have been better off; if the Tamil leaders could have organized a similar protest when Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiappah, St John’s College principal C E Anandarajah and so many other leaders and intellectuals have been killed, including Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. What about the innocent girl who had been used to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi? Isn’t that innocent girl’s life worth a protest as you did for the girl who had been killed in Pungudutivu?

    • Duraiappa is a hero for Sinhala Community. For tamils he is a Murderer and indirect creator of all these troubles people have witnessed after 1970’s. He is believed to have colluded with the Police in firing and killing of innocents at an International Tamil conference held in Jaffna. If the government of the day had an open view on that issue instead of a blind eye, the war could have been avoided. Governments learn from the history.

  2. LTTE remnants are trying to use this terrible tragedy as a pretext for reviving violence in Jaffna. Where were these protesters when the LTTE sexually abused the children it recruited? Where were these protesters when the LTTE terrorists raped and killed Karuna’s female cadre? Why are they not protesting against Jaffna male wolves sexually exploiting the former LTTE tigresses in the north right at this moment?

    These LTTE opportunists are more evil than the sex-crazed thugs who raped and killed the school girl. They must be severely punished for breaking the law.

  3. Media stunt. Very soon the order will come to SL courts from EU diaspora organizations to release them all without any conditions. All this to fool sinhala and muslim and peace-loving tamil people. i gov is taking SL back to terror times. Too bad.

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