Legal action against pro-LTTE events

LTTE FlagLegal action will be taken against anyone found to have held events in support of the LTTE in the North this week, the Government said today.

The Government said that it is not aware of any events held glorifying the LTTE but if there were such events then legal action will be taken against the organizers.

Some members of the opposition had claimed that LTTE cadres killed during the war had been commemorated in the North this week.

“If such events were held then they were isolated,” President Maithripala Sirisena said at a meeting with media heads today.

The President said that the Government is against such events being held and will not agree to democracy and freedom being misused. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. LTTE should be treated like the ISIS – as an international pariah – and never allowed to raise its head again. Enough is enough.

  2. If they say that they were not aware of such incidents, it shows their incompetence. In this age of communication,even the rural poor get information on such incidents and there were many events supporting terrorism and separatism. Only the government was not aware. Please don’t consider the voters as fools.

  3. It is no point in. Writing any comments on this Pro Tamil only site It is high time you allow truth to come out in all comments .

  4. Nobody will believe this. Ranil, Rajitha, Managala (many more)….all are strong LTTE supporters. How come President taking action against key Yahapalana Thugs.

    • You missed out MR! He won the 2005 election with the support of LTTE who asked to boycott and deprived RW the victory.

      • Yes, then MR destroyed LTTE. Is there an end to this spreading lies for win this Utopia call Tamil Elam?

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