TNA seeks release of political prisoners

suresh-premachandranThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) called on the government to release all Tamil political prisoners who are still in jail.

The TNA said that despite the end of the conflict, the Tamils in the island were disappointed as none of their problems had been addressed or resolved.

“It has been six years but we are very disappointed. Several hundred Tamil political prisoners continue to languish in jail and despite urging the past and present governments to grant them general amnesty, nothing has been done to date,” TNA member Suresh Premachandran said.

He said Tamils in the north were also disappointed at the ‘heavy’ presence of the military in the northern province and called on the government to appoint soldiers equally in all the provinces of the country.

“The Tamils feel they are always being monitored and are under threat. Out of 200,000 military personnel, 150,000 are deployed in the north alone,” Premachandran said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. TNA should stop selfish racist comments and should join the Government to develop the country as many other Great Tamil Politicians did in the past. This guy is clearly a lunatic who should not be in politics. Hope someone kick this idiot out and bring a person of “Luxman Kadhiragamar’s caliber”. We do not need another Prabhakaran.

  2. Sensible northerners should get rid of this joker for good.No matter what the govt does to improve most of these politicians in the north are still dreaming of Eelam.After all it is southern boys who laid their lives to bring peace to the country.Stop always talking about poor Tamils and start talking about all Sri Lankans and what is best for the country.

  3. THIS IS ANOTHER campaign promise by Sirisena Gov. and we expect ALL prisoners released without any delay as soon as the election is over (we have given the gov. some relief in view of ground situation in the south). Anyway, by 2017, in our own state of Eelam, these prisoners will be our protectors as Ealam army soldiers.

  4. How about 125,000 people languishing in camps and with relatives and without shelter who were from the 10 villages of Vali North which is now occupied by over 100,000 army personnel. Still the Army is at war with the Tamils. How can there be reconciliation? The Tamil leaders are doing nothing about it?

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