Mahinda wants war heroes remembered

MR war
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Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today called on the people to remember the sacrifice made by the soldiers during the war.

Rajapaksa, who attended an event at the Viharamaha devi park in Colombo this evening to commemorate the war heroes, said in a statement that while the month of May has always been remembered for Vesak, since 2009 it has been remembered in Sri Lanka for the end of the war.

“May 18 is remembered as the National freedom day,” the former President said.

Rajapakasa, who was President when the LTTE was defeated and the war ended, said that the sacrifices of the soldiers during the war can never be forgotten.

Meanwhile commemorative events were held in several parts of the North today to remember the thousands of civilians killed during the final stages of the war. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mahianda Rajapakesa and Gotabaya Rajapakesa both leaders ,who launch War of National Salvation against LTTE ruthless Tamil Terrorist ,want divide Sri lank over 30 years.. Indeed 2009 May 18th victory and commemorating war is historical important ours sovereignty and Territorial integrity of Sri lanka nation.
    Victory of war against Tamil terrorist that political leadership of credit should goes Mahinda Rajapakses and Gotbay R….

    MR and GR names will go to Sri lanka, history as leaders of who liberated of our land from Tamil occupation,US and Indian dominations.
    Tamil hegomoinism and expansionism of TNA and Diaspora back by US and UK want occupy and Sinhalese land and then destroy ours 2600 years Buddhist civilization .
    Ongoing leadership of MS regime, UNP-Ranil.W… and CBK back by TNA and US want eradication of Sinhalese race & Buddhist religion from Sri lanka soil. This is current threaten that by Tamils Political class of TNA which become the very survival of Sinhalese and Buddhist majority in Sri lanka.
    Our nation and country going to be occupy by US and Indian RAW, pivot Asian policy of global hegomoinism led by USA and UK.
    This is very dangerous trend & situation face
    Sri lanka, that badly impact our nation ‘s , which that the Unity, Stability, Security and Democracy of majority people; this is danger situation came Under leadership of MS puppet regime support by UNP-Ranil.W… and CBK.
    Ours sovereignty and Democracy is challenges by dangerous led by UNP-Leader Ranil.W and CBK and MS.

  2. Every April 26th, Australia and New Zealand celebrate ANZAC Day to commemorate War Heroes. Not only in Australia and New Zealand they even go to Gallipoli in Turkey on this day to celebrate. There is nothing wrong to have an event to remember war heroes who sacrificed their life for peace of others.

  3. How about a picture of the participated people….???

    **********SUN GOAT dead BLAME Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa TODAY… whole day ***********

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