Arjuna hails stand taken by Namal

ArjunaSri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) member and Minister Arjuna Ranatunga said that he was happy to see SLFP member Namal Rajapaksa not participating in events held to promote former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Ranatunga said that today a group of SLFP members are very actively promoting Rajapaksa and attempting to get him back into power.

However he said that Namal Rajapaksa, despite being the son of Mahinda Rajapaksa, is a notable absentee at those events.

“While he (Namal) is following the policies of the SLFP there are others who are trying to split the SLFP and prevent it from forming the next Government,” he said.

Ranatunga says those who are attempting to create a split in the SLFP are those who have come from outside the party, while at the same time there are those committed to the SLFP and are backing President Maithripala Sirisena.


  1. Hey Arjuna, Dont shed crocodile tears to protect Prasanna and Nishanta via bailing out utter corrupt Namal and Yoshitha.Now judgement days are closing in for the big family. You better distance from your siblings and that of MARA family.

  2. Arjuna is not politician or no knowledge of social science of politics. He talk without political sense.
    Who split SLFP, that person is Mathripala Sirisena crossed over to ally with UNP to become short cut to be President of SL.
    Who are the leading persons behind that political conspires is CBK.
    She is an openly accepts that who betray SLFP President candidate by herself.
    Both MS and CBK are political conspiracies of great splitters of leads to SLFP!
    Arjuna is too small for Sri Lankan politics.
    He has learn more on political science and politics .

  3. SLFP today is being tossed around like a coin.
    Some for heads and some for tails. Only that SLFP is not a coin and the rightful descended owner of the party is,
    unfortunately, CBK because it was her father SWRDB who launched the party way back in the fifties because
    he did not see any progress for himself in the UNP.
    SLFP being a prime political party must call for a referendum to elect the chair man/woman.
    Two factions of the same party is a JOKE and if this
    trend continues it won’t be long before the party loses it’s identity and control.
    There are no known minority races in the party so once again it is the Sinhalaya stabbing the Sinhalaya. GREAT BATTLE.

  4. 90% of Sri Lankan politicians are corrupt..and 99% of us also stupid to keep you people in power..ARJUNA do something what you know..with the BAT and the BALL. Those who know about RANATUNGA family (Father,Mother & sons)will tell the stories about please …we don’t want to dig dirt..

  5. Arjuna, you are a lost cause. Why don’t to hang on to that treacherous woman’s sari Potts and join her foreign governments treacherous activity against your mother land.
    You and your woman friend may one day suffer the fate of Mohammed Mosi of Egypt We will wait for it.
    If that happens nobody will cry for you ,traitor.

  6. Appreciate Arjuna’s comments.

    However where does Prasanna Ranatunga brother of Arjuna stand in this analysis

  7. In that case, first this ‘Uddacca – Moda purushaya” should hail MR himself not participating in those events.

  8. Arjuna,

    You are the one who came from outside, for example you became MP from Democratic Party, not from SLFP/UPLF. Your brother Prasanna promoting MR is an all time SLFPer. Similarly, greater majority of MPs who attended Kurunegala meeting are longtime SLFP members, not outsiders like you who are trying to hoodwink the party together with CBK a curse to SLFP unity.

  9. President Sirisena is the leader of SLFP ,therefore everyone in that party must support him as the leader OR they need to be expelled from the party via the party constitution
    Having public rallies with outsiders Vasu,Dinesh,Wimal to agitate the party leader is not good party discipline ….that’s embarrassing the leader

  10. ** MY QUESTION IS why the hell Sisirsena’s eople and Ranil’s people bother SO MUCH ABOUT Mahinda Rajapaksa………if he is the guy who lost….??? …………………OR IS THIS BECAUSE they all know Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa is the guy whom people love ….??
    Since Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa ended the war, DOZENS OF LIVES SAVED EVERYDAY… that not enough (maybe except weeping diaspora boys….for obvious reasons)……..?

  11. We have a respect for cricketer Arjuna. As a politician you are equally corrupted than any other politician of your age. How many times you changed the party all for selfishness and greediness to power. Your brothers are also not with you in politics. Please shut up.

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