Monks deny attacking church

By admin January 13, 2014 20:48

Monks deny attacking church

monkThe ‘Hela Bodu Pawura’ consisting of a group of Buddhist monks refuted reports that they had attacked the Calvary Free church and Assembly of God (AOG) Church in Hikkaduwa yesterday.

While claiming that the media had distorted what actually took place, the monks said they had attempted to prevent the angry mob from harming the church and the worshipers.

The ‘Hela Bodu Pawura’ said it organised the “peaceful protest” yesterday against the worship center as it was operating illegally in violation of a police ban and a directive from the Government.

The monks said that the worship center had been banned from operating till next month.

The monks claimed that they were attacked by worshipers at the Calvary Free church during the protest and this forced the protesters to retaliate.

“The monks ran to stop the people from turning violent but the media gave the impression we were attacking the place,” one monk said.

The ‘Hela Bodu Pawura’ meanwhile demanded that the worship center be prevented from operating as per the existing directive.

Meanwhile the monks also insisted that they are not against Christianity or Islam and welcome worship centers operating according to the law without harming Buddhism.

The ‘Hela Bodu Pawura’ also accused Police spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana of misleading the public by telling the media yesterday that anyone can exercise their right to follow any religion.

The ‘Hela Bodu Pawura’ says while that right remains it cannot be done at an unregistered or unapproved church or worship center.

The police spokesman had said today that eight monks have been identified as being involved in the attack on the two churches in Hikkaduwa yesterday.

He said that in all 24 suspects have been identified and a report was to be submitted on the incident to the Galle Magistrate’s Court today. (Colombo Gazette)


By admin January 13, 2014 20:48
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  1. hela bodu pawura January 22, 08:59

    We are not against the exercise of religions other than Buddhism regardless of the region.But what matters is criticizing the doctrines of other religious leaders for minor privileges.For instance,King Dharmapala at Kotte.
    From time immortal Buddhists conveted themselves into Christianity or Catholicism to gain benefits from the imperialists.According to the history Buddhists were compelled to embrace Christianity by offering government jobs.Likewise the Christian missionaries in action nowadays target the community from under privilege families in this regard.There is no matter in giving subsidies and all.what matters is doing it on sly rather than in public.That means they convey a hidden message through their support.

    We are thorough with the Holy Bible.There is a philosophy in every incident related to Jesus Christ who loved peace.But here in Hikkaduwa pastors are doing something else in the name of Almighty God.They continue their service in order to earn dollars from NGOs(of course it is a famous secret)who always want to disturb the harmony and unity of Sinhalese,the main race of Sri Lanka.
    We don’t need to invite troubles by involving in riots.But we have right to demonstrate a peaceful protest.We never wanted to advocate violence against another religion.That is why we initiated to take legal actions from the very beginning.At the first phase we lodged 12 complaints to the Hikkaduwa Police Station about the unregistered churches.Subsequently,The Divisional Secretary also ordered the police to take immediate action to shut down the two churches.Next,Ministry of All Religions mentioned in writing that they were unauthorized.The pastors promised twice the police that they would suspend the Sunday Services until they get the churches registered.But the pasters continued the Sunday Services as usual.Once the respective officials from the government arrived the premises to inquire about this they were scolded.Ultimately.we came to a conclusion to demonstrate a protest over the unauthorized and unapproved churches just to draw the attention of the respective officials.

    The Protest March
    We organised a protest March from the temple of Hikkaduwa,Jananandaramaya consisting 300 people led by the Buddhist monks.By the time we reached the Hikkaduwa town the number involving in the protest March increased nearly up to 3000 as a miracle done by the Almighty God.On every Sunday the weekly fair is held in Hikkaduwa.We believe that those who came to the fair also joined us.Once we gathered around the AOG church they began to pray louder.Meanwhile a certain idiot at the church threw a stone at the protest march to make the situation worse.With that a few of the protest march responded as we were treated.More and more stones were thrown at us from the church premises.Amidst this hussle and bussle some tried to enter the church premises.The monks moved about to prevent the angry crowd from damaging the property.However,the monks did not really allow to assault even a single worshipper at the church.That incident alone symbolizes our humanity and non-violence being Buddhist.

    Have you found any complaint related to assault in this connection?Most probably the answer is No.

    Media distorted what happened by showing a few scenes alone to exaggerate the incident.Those scenes did not carry any cohesion.We look down upon the unethical behaviour exhibited by the media for their cheap popularity and also to disgrace the government.It is up to you to decide who the real victims and culprits are.We hope that this article would appear in independent media where religious bias get no chance.

    May the Triple Gem Bless You!

    Buddhika Wanniarachchi,
    Hela Bodu Pawura

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  2. senak January 14, 12:23

    Monks trying to so the colour of their belief ? If you do following Buddhism watch / one day you will follow the monks .
    Minorities ””’ watch carefully . sinhalese and sinhalese fight each other .
    politicians have not voice against the Buddhist .

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  3. jhr January 13, 21:31

    These monks are going nuts. Are they on something? If people have the right to worship anywhere they wish, why does there have to be a “permission granting slip”. It’s not likr every time a bdhidist wishes to have a pirith ceremony in their home or workshop, they are required to obtain permission and be registered as a worship centre? Temples and shrines are built at a rate and no one questions or opposes it (especially when when it’s in the middle og a round about)… this country is seriously troubled and need to get a life and focus on some real issues. But I guess thats the strategies- blind the stupid public by creating unnecessary and stupid issues so the dont see how we are robbing them blind!

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